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At Inner Solutions we use
Shadow Work® and a synthesis of other modalities and
facilitated processes that allow individuals to explore and change
almost any behaviour pattern.
We are especially devoted to providing a shame free setting that allows you to safely explore and evolve choice-fully, without pressure from the facilitator.

Alice and John Morrell

We are Alice & John Morrell
Our company, Inner-Solutions© can help you understand what working on Shadow means.

We will help you discover what is no longer working for you - in your private, family and work life.
And most importantly, what you can do about it.
We provided the experience, safety & technology to work on Shadow Issues.
Although it may feel like it at times, we are almost never stuck in a way of being;
all relationships can and do change.

Feel free to explore our site. Most of what you need is presented simply.
Should you wish to go down the information rabbit hole, there is plenty of in-depth information and media available at our main website
Inner Solutions

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Shadow Work Group Workshops

Working in small groups, we teach and facilitate personal growth work using Shadow Work®


You can choose to experience Shadow Work® in a Group setting.

In a Shadow Work® Seminar, you can work in a small group with others who have come to examine their shadows together.

Here you can also share the path with others, who will help motivate you with acceptance and encouragement.

You may choose to learn just by watching how others process their shadows.

When you see others finding the courage hidden within their fear, the release from their grief, or the power in their anger, or the freedom in their joy, you may be able to apply that learning directly to your own situation.

If you choose to join us in a group session, we ask that you have a short chat with us first to determine that our work is the right choice for you and your situation.

For info about Group Workshops contact us at

Shadow Work Coaching Online and in person

Individual Coaching provides privacy and anonymity. Online or in person. Your time, your pace.

Private Coaching Sessions
You may choose to experience a private coaching context.
You may prefer the privacy of working without other people present.

Coaching can also be done online, where we arrange times that suits us all.

We can arrange do an online coaching with you, to help you identify what may be in Shadow for you, and explore various ways to stop acting from these shadows in ways that are right and appropriate for you.
This way you have the opportunity of privacy from wherever you are in the world.
Private one-to-one Coaching is done generally done in our seminar room, although we also travel to coach too.

Contact us for possibilities.

 For a one-to-one Coaching session, contact us at info@shadowwork.de

Shame Recovery Workshops.

Learn the tools of freeing yourself from toxic shame

Shame is the silent soul destroyer that most people don't even recognise they are feeling. The primary reason for this is that Shame attaches itself to other feelings and emotions, and is experienced together with them. So, for example, when you are feeling angry or sad about a situation, often a deeper level of toxic shame could be driving your actions and thoughts, and drive you to act in ways that you regret and feel more ashamed of later. This sets in motion a viscous silent circle of shame based behaviour, that you end up accepting as ´ just the way you, or things are´.
Only when you can recognise these deeper silent levels of toxic shame that are in play on time, can you implement ways to stop it indirectly influencing your inner world. At the roots of depression, suicide, addiction and violence, toxic shame will be somewhere at play behind your back.
In our online and coaching work, we help you recognise where shame is, the difference between health shame and toxic shame, strategies and methods of recognising when and where its affecting your life and how to set healthy boundaries with others in your personal and work life in a shame free and shaming free way.

Although its a difficult issue to talk about, we are open and experienced enough in our private and professional lives to speak with you about any toxic shame issues you may recognise.

Clean Talk - raise your words, not your voice.

Learn how to clearly communicate in a clean and shame free way.

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Jeder, der vor kurzem die "Debatte" zwischen Biden und Trump gesehen hat, wird sich der unmittelbaren Notwendigkeit bewusst sein, dass wir in der Lage sein müssen, sauber und klar miteinander zu kommunizieren.
Wie wäre es, wenn wir eine andere Art lernen würden miteinander zu sprechen. Eine Art, die die Würde der Person, mit der wir sprechen, respektiert. Die unsere eigene Würde schützt und unsere Bedürfnisse und Wünsche in einer nicht bedrohlichen und respektvollen Weise zum Ausdruck bringt. Eine, die nicht nur das "Schämen und Beschuldigen"-Spiel spielt. 
 Wie oft schon haben wir versucht jemandem unseren Standpunkt zu erklären, und statt in einem offenen Gespräch finden wir uns in einem Gemisch von Scham und gegenseitigen Schuldzuweisungen wieder?
Wie oft fühlen wir uns am Ende von Gesprächen - häufig auch in den sozialen Medien, - wütend und frustriert über die Art und Weise, wie wir miteinander sprechen? 
Wie oft schon wollten wir gerne etwas zu einem Thema sagen, und haben uns entschieden, es nicht zu tun, weil wir wissen, dass es doch nichts bringt; wir nicht gehört werden oder dies nur zu Streit, Unzufriedenheit und schlechten Gefühlen führen wird? 
Clean Talk ist eine Methode, klar und ohne Scham und Schuldzuweisungen miteinander zu kommunizieren. 
Die Methode soll beiden Gesprächspartnern helfen, die Verantwortung für die von ihnen verwendeten Worte zu übernehmen, und klar zu artikulieren, was in einer bestimmten Situation für sie am besten wäre.
Diese Art von Gesprächen ist nicht ohne Herausforderungen und erfordert Ehrlichkeit und die Bereitschaft, die Verantwortung für die eigenen Worte und Taten zu übernehmen.
Wenn wir und andere in der Lage sind, Clean Talk in verschiedenen Situation anzuwenden, wird es uns möglich sein:
- klare und saubere Grenzen zu setzen.
- uns auszudrücken, ohne Vergeltungsmaßnahmen ergreifen zu müssen.
- unsere eigenen Wünsche und Bedürfnisse ohne Scham klar zu benennen.
- Ressentiments und Missverständnisse in unseren Beziehungen zu verhindern.
 In unserem Workshop geben wir euch ein Grundmodell an die Hand, das ihr in den verschiedensten Alltagssituationen anwenden könnt.
Wir üben, schwierige Gespräche mit Clean Talk zu führen, entweder anhand eurer eigenen Beispiele mit echten Gesprächen, oder mit gestellten Gesprächen, die euch helfen, das Modell zu verstehen.
Ihr werdet lernen, zu erkennen, wann eventuell eine Moderation sinnvoll wäre und auch wann Clean Talk vielleicht nachteilig sein könnte. 
 Wir schauen uns unsere tägliche Art zu sprechen genauer an und lernen zu erkennen, wie oft wir unabsichtlich Andere angreifen, beschämen oder beschuldigen.
Die Termine für unsere Workshops findet ihr unter Kalender.


Listen to Clean Talk

To listen in your web browser, simply click on one of the links below.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Use Better
  3. Role Play
  4. Own Judgement
  5. Own Feelings
  6. Own Wants – Our Redo
  7. Own Data
  8. Word Coaching Introduction
  9. Judgements
  10. Feelings
  11. Wants
  12. Data
  13. Shadows of Clean Talk and Word Coaching
  14. Get Consent
  15. The End

Shadow Types Survey and Results

Take a survey and identify your unconscious default strategies you use when dealing with stressful situations

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Take the Shadow Types Survey
Includes a 2-hour consultation 

If you are the kind of person who is drawn to deep inner transformation and self-development, understanding your Shadow Type will be like pushing down on the accelerator of your personal growth journey.

The Shadow Types survey identifies 12 innate tendencies that we all have. Our personality results from which of these tendencies we favor and which ones we avoid. The Shadow Types survey gives you a profile of your own, unique combination of these tendencies as well as your dominant Shadow Type.

The Shadow Types system paints 3-dimensional portraits of 12 main personality types. Each portrait reveals a particular pattern of your wounding experiences and traces how your personality formed around your core wounding. These wounding patterns drive much of our thinking, feeling and behaviour, and also show how your Shadow type typically reacts to stress and what challenges you likely face in your daily life.

These insights into our inner dynamics prepare us to make considerable progress on our journey of personal growth work.

Copyright: Karen Green

Business & Shadow Work & Typing

Transforming workplace relationships with yourself and others. From CEO to the workshop floor.

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