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Shadow Work Workshops


Shadow Work Workshops

  • 10. - 12. May 2019, 

 Friday 16:00, Ends Sunday 17:00

  • 16. - 18. Aug. 2019: 

 Friday 16:00, Ends Sunday 17:00

  • 06 - 08 Sept. 2019 in BERLIN

  Friday 16:00, Ends Sunday 17:00

  • 15. Nov - 17. Nov.

  Friday 16:00, Ends Sunday 17:00

Healing Shame and Shadow Workshop.

Oct. Sat 12th 


All Shadow Work Events events take place here, unless otherwise stated

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Seminar price: 350,- €

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Upcoming workshops.

 Dates to be announced.

Shadow Types

On the surface level, the 12 Shadow Types can be enjoyed simply as describing 12 different personality types. But the Shadow Types system goes far beyond simply offering another grouping of people into categories. For each type, there is a profound understanding into the individual’s psychological dynamics. This understanding gives deep insight into the person’s core wounding, main coping strategies, tendencies for imbalance, and self-concept. Even more significantly, the Shadow Types system provides practical methods for bringing peoples’ shadows into the light to integrate them and to achieve greater wholeness and balance.

To learn more about all Twelve Shadow Types click here 

Practice Days

Practice Days are open to anyone on the Shadow Work® certification path, including BFT, AFT, Coaching, Leadership, Group Facilitators and Trainer levels.

Clean Talk Workshop:

Private Coaching Sessions

We can arrange do a Skype session with you online, to help you identiy what may be in Shadow for you, and to explore various ways to stop acting from these shadows in ways that are right and appropriate for you. This way you have the opportunity to do Shadow Work privately from wherever you are in the world.

 For a one-to-one Shadow Exploration session, contact us at

Carpet Training Days.

The Carpet Training system was set up to allow people trained (or in-training) in Shadow Work to improve their knowledge and skills by teaching others. It began as a service and pay-back to the ManKind Project and the Woman Within to help people who staff those weekends improve their skills on the Carpet. It has developed beyond that scope. But, in general, it helps people who aren’t up for a whole BFT still get some Shadow Work Carpet Skills. It has also served as a way to prepare people for attending Basic Facilitator Trainings. Cliff Barry.

If you are interested in learning Shadow Work skills, or creating a learning envionment for your needs, contact me for more details.


For event info for Shadow Work Worldwide see the `links` page for Germany, USA and the UK. 

Basic Facilitator Training in German Language 

The training is in English with direct German Translation.

 see our German language page for more info.


What you will learn on a BFT can be found here.

Basic Facilitator Training Overview


 Top 20 Things You Can Learn at the BFT


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