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Audio introduction Shadow Work

On our site you´ll find two audio introductions to Shadow Work in English and Deutsch.

Please listen to this introduction to carefully before attending a Workshop or a Shadow Exploration Coaching Session.

This introduction will help you to make an informed choice about what is , and most importantly , if is for you.

All files are in MP3 format.

To download: place your mouse over the file name, right mouse click, and select ´save file as´.

Listen online: click the file, on most computers the audio file will automatically load and play in a new window.

You may want to look at the 4 directional map used in Shadow Work, for a visual overview of the dynamics at play in each Archetypal quarter.

The english audio features founder Cliff Barry with Mary Ellen Blanford.

Welcome Cliff and Mary Ellen 2 MB

Definition of `Shadow` 15 MB

The Container and Energies 10 MB

The Magician Quarter 12 MB

The Sovereign Quarter 11 MB

The Lover Quarter 10 MB

The Warrior Quarter 12 MB

Rounding Things Up 2 MB



Deutsch von Helga Pfetch.

Gesprochen von Helga Pfetch und Rainer Molzahn

Music: Reiner Molzan

Einführung in die Schattenarbeit.

Teil 1 18MB

Teil 2 12MB

Teil 3 14MB

Teil 4 19MB

Teil 5 11MB

Teil 6 14MB

Teil 7 13MB

Teil 8 5MB

Teil 9 2MB




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