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Definitions of Shadow Work®

As a point of interest...

What is Shadow Work with an `®` on the end?

 Here are a few important distinctions regarding ShadowWork® and other form of working with Shadow i.e.:  Schattenarbeit? Carpet Work ? Teppicharbeit? Shadow Process, etc.

  For decades, ShadowWork® Seminars have been providing one of the most experienced, powerful, safest and shame free environments that you can find to do your own personal inner work.

 Reasons for this are the high standard of Shadow Work® itself, the commitment to stringent re-evaluation adhered to by Facilitators to ensure the integrity of ongoing personal work and training for all Certified Facilitators, Trainer and Coaches.

 When you choose work with someone who is trained and certified by Shadow Work® Seminars.Inc. you can be certain that person is fully qualified and has dedicated years to learning, practicing, doing their own work and working with others in Shadow Work®.

 Continued work with their Mentor or Master Facilitator/s guarantee that they remain fully qualified and safe to work with when it comes to Shadow issues.

Therefore, if the people doing the ´Shadow Work´ have not been trained and certified and licenced by Shadow Work®.Inc, they are using a different model.

If you´re looking for Shadow Work® - this is the right place for you.

 Only where you see the ` ® ` symbol can you be assured you are choosing this work. 

 Unfortunately - even with the best of intentions - people worldwide have stolen and misused the tools and intellectual property rights of Shadow Work® Seminars to promote their own work on the back of Shadow Work® reputation. 

This is why that little ® is so important in making the right decision about who you choose to work with. If you are unsure of someones qualifications or would just like to check, please email us and we will help you with this.

                   What are the differences?

 Often as ShadowWork® spreads out into different lands and cultures, the names used for this work differ:  i.e. in Germany - Schattenarbeit**, Carpet Work, Teppicharbeit, Guts work etc - all of them basic forms of Shadow Work®  - sometimes these names are used synonymously for any kind of working with the shadow in one form or another. 

 Debbie Ford has her `Shadow Process`. Ken Wilber´s Integral Institute have their `321 Shadow Work` , MKP have ´Carpet work´ etc: 

Many popular books have guides on doing shadow work or  `schattenarbeit processes´ 

 So, as you can see, there is a lot of stuff out there calling itself shadow work in one form or another. 

I have done many of these process´s and more, and I speak from personal experience when I say they all have great value and I´ve learned a lot from them.

 Therefore, although these various forms are available, and may be called anything `shadow ` or `Schatten` related. So, once again, only where you see certified by Shadow Work® Seminars.Inc can you be assured of the qualification of the facilitators in our Shadow Work® model. 

If you´re unsure,  mail us: 

* Shadow Work® and TRE are completely different forms of work. Neither are affiliated in any way with each other.  ShadowWork und TRE sind vollkommen unterschiedliche  und voneinander unabhängige Techniken. Die beiden Techniken sind in keiner Weise miteinander verknüpft oder verbunden.

 **: Except: who do Shadow Work ®

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