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About Us

We are both trained and fully certified in Shadow Work®, by our mentors John and Nicola Kurk and Shadow Work founder Cliff Barry. We are in training to become Shadow Work Trainers and Shadow Types Educators. We have nurtured Shadow Work Seminars in Germany for over 20 years.

John Morrell



I am a fully Certified Shadow Work Facilitator, Shadow Work Organizational Consultant, and studying to become a Basic Facilitator Trainer.

 In 1995, I helped found The New Warrior Network in Germany, a worldwide Mens organization, that later became The Mankind Project Germany. I´ve been involved in MKP internationaly since.

I have also been trained to work with individuals using TRE* - Trauma or Tension Releasing Exercises.* ( see bottom of page )   

For more info on TRE, visit www.traumaprevention.com  or take a look at our media pages.

He has also spent the past 26 years working together with people in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.

He has practiced and studied Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhist Psychology with several  Tibetan teachers including Namkhai Norbu, Sogyal Rinpoche, H.H the Dalai Lama, Lobsang Sherab and Prof. John Reynolds.

       Alice Morrell 


Alice is a fully Certified Shadow Work Facilitator and Shadow Work Organizational Consultant.

An NLP Master.

A fully qualified Heilpraktikerin ( Neuropath ) in Psychotherapy.
She has facilitated Shadow Work Workshops throughout Germany for over 12 years
She also co-leads a Circle of Women group.

* Shadow Work® and TRE are completely different forms of work. Neither are affiliated in any way with each other.  

* ShadowWork und TRE sind vollkommen unterschiedliche  und voneinander unabhängige Techniken. Die beiden Techniken sind in keiner Weise miteinander verknüpft oder verbunden.

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